Thursday 28 August 2008

A day at the beach - Arenzano

If you decide to spend a day on the beach, you better aim at the village of Arenzano near Genoa. In fact, you can reach it very easily from Villa Mimma by joining the A26 motorway towards Genoa. When you are by the coast, you need to leave Genoa to your left and follow for Savona. The Arenzano exit is easily found and you won't find yourself stuck in traffic because you would have avoided Genoa completely. It takes less than an hour from your accommodation at Villa Mimma to the beach!

Once you are in Arenzano, you are spoilt for choice. Its sandy beaches are split between public beaches and different private beaches where you can hire a sun-bed or an umbrella with deck-chairs for the day. If you are quite keen in a bit of privacy and in the comfort of your own area, though, don't leave too late especially in August because you could be disappointed and find everything full.

The village offers plenty of restaurants and bar, both along the seashore and in the streets.

Don't forget to try a bit of "focaccia" and if you like basil and fancy a restaurant, you must have the "trenette al pesto".

Enjoy your day!

Monday 25 August 2008

Shopping for food and wine

If you are staying at Villa Mimma and are looking for a food store, you have various options. In order of size, from the tiniest to the biggest, here are some ideas, although the best way for you to know the area is to take a drive and see where it takes you:

1 - Treville

There is a butcher with the most wonderful meat, ham and salame (he makes them), ravioli (made only on some days or on order) and a deep freezer with ice-creams, pizzas, vegetable, etc.

Also, there is "La rata birata", which is a wine-bar that serves hot-meals and that also has a small food section with fresh produce such as cheeses, bread, milk, butter and basic provisions. It has also pasta and sauces!

2 - Ozzano (2km from Treville)

If you want a bit more of a choice and some fresh fruit and vegetables, Ozzano is your nearest option. Along the main road that cuts through the village, there is a food store that has everything. It is very small compared to a supermarket, but has all you need.

3 - Supermarkets

Well, for a proper supermarket you are spoilt for choice if you are prepared to drive for 10-15 minutes. You can either go to Casale to the Iper-Coop (a real shopping centre) or you can go towards Asti-Moncalvo and stop at the Penny supermarket, which faces a Gulliver supermarket, where you can find all you need.