Friday 9 January 2009

Snow at new year!

The new year started with the snow in Treville!
Happy 2009 to all our friends and guests that have enjoyed this enchanted little corner of the World over the years.

Monday 5 January 2009

Newsletter - December 08

Villa Mimma: overview of the year
And here we are at the end of another year, under the snow and with the fire on! Too many things to tell, but I will try to catch some of the highlights.

  • Back again
    This year we had many guests who came back for the second time, some who were here only a few months before and some (Jean and Ginette) who came back all the way from Canada and enjoyed another holiday with us. This is most rewarding, especially when guests become friends, spends time in the courtyard and in the veranda! I have asked Jean and Ginette: "Why did you come back to Villa Mimma?" and this is their answer: "why did we return at Villa Mimma....we find that we are returning home in Italy. We feel part of the family. Your parents and Andrea make you very comfortable when you arrive. They always give you a warmth welcome. when we got to our house....she had bought 2 kinds of cheese....some cold meat (she remembered thatJean loved it) orange juice and some milk....its little attention like this that you appreciate. In Treville it is a small quiet village with beautiful people. It is a place that you never forget in your heart. At night sometimes your mother came and chatted with us. we were always having supper outside in the gazebo....after playing cards. we had time to relax before heading the other big cities. we also met your Dads mom. she is quite in shape for her age. We had a visit of the basement and the other part of the house....very special. We wish Villa Mimma a long lasting life and God bless you all. .. Jean and ginette "

  • Children writer Anna Vivarelli presents her books.
    On the 12th of April Villa Mimma hosted a workshop organised by the village library aimed at children, where the writer Anna Vivarelli presented some of her books, interpreting her stories for an audience of little readers and their parents. The children were captivated by her fantasy tales and most of them went home with books under their arms.

  • Tapestry exposition
    One of the highlights of the year was the carpetry exposition of Vera Vermeersch's work. From the 3rd to the 11th of May in the ex-church of San Giacomo in Treville, people had the opportunity to come and appreciate the beautiful rugs in wool produced by hand tufting in
    Vera's atelier in Belgium.

  • Cooking with Paola
    Sharing an Italian meal with my family is always one of the hights of people's vacation, especially those who stay for a few nights. Although we cannot offer proper cooking classes or proper restaurant meals, it is always possible to prepare a meal together and to sit around the table to eat it in good company. We now have two agas, one is in my Mum's kitchen and one is in the veranda, so it will be possible to cook using a stove with wood birning fire instead of electricity or gas!If you are after a proper cuisine class, instead, we know where it is possible to arrange a cooking lesson for something between €20 and €60 per person, depending on the duration of the teaching session.

  • Wifi at Villa Mimma
    Thanks to Glen hard work we now have a wifi network at Villa Mimma. It is linked to my family's private line but if you really cannot stay away from your emails and need to connect to the Internet, I am sure you can beg a password from my Dad!
Reviews are important
Reviews are proving to be vital for Villa Mimma survival! We now have quite a number especially on TripAdvisor. If you have been and want to leave your comment, even very brief, or if you want to read what people say about Villa Mimma, these are the sites to check:

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Trip Advisor Website
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I think I have summarised an exciting 2008 year for Villa Mimma. We are now looking forward to the festivities and the year to come.

From Paola, Alberto and Andrea I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!