Saturday 25 October 2008

Farm shop and historical beauty at Lucedio - Piedmont

Lucedio’s Abbey was built in 1123 by the Cistercian Monk, coming from The Fertè, on the grounds of the marchionesses Ranieri of Monferrato.

The Cistercian reclaimed the territory introducing for the first time in Italy the cultivation of the rice at the beginning of the XV century. With the passing of time the Abbey became a true economical and political power: three Popes passed from Lucedio, confirming the role of the Abbey and its lucky geographical position along the Francigena Way.

Because of its increasing political and economical power and its location, Lucedio was the reason behind some of the fights between the Italian dynasties. Owned by the Gonzaga family and later on by the Savoys, at the beginning of the XVIII century the Abbey became property of Napoleon. Subsequently it went to the marchionesses Giovanni Gozani of San Giorgio, ancestor of the present proprietor, the Countess Rosetta Clara Horses d' Olivola Salvadori of Wiesenhoff.

The splendid medieval rooms of the Abbey are opened to the public for guided tours, wine and food tasting events, receptions, congresses and concerts; some of the rooms are also used for television filming or are used as the setting for some adverts.

From the naturalistic point of view it must be remembered that Lucedio is located inside a protected area whose regulation, together with technologies of low environmental impact used in Lucedio’s Farm, facilitated the return of the typical fauna of the rice field: as well as the frogs, a number of herons and of Italian knights have chosen Lucedio as their residence.

As well as visiting the historical part of the Abbey, it is possible to visit the Farm of the Principato of Lucedio and, in particular, to see the machinery used for the entire production cycle of the rice. It is also possible to combine the visit of the grounds with a sampling experience of the typical products of the territory followed by a tour of the Farm shop “Temptations of the rice” where visitors can buy all the products of the "Principato of Lucedio".

Tuesday 14 October 2008

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