Friday 20 June 2008

The Natural Park of the River Po - Fontanetto Po

The River Po is the largest Otalian River that starts from teh Monviso Mountain in Piedmont and stretches across Northern Italy from the West to the Eastern coast, where it ends in the Adriatic sea.
There are many walks and stretches of the river where you can enjoy peaceful strolls looking for natural beauty spots, searching for animals and plants, dipping your toes in fresh waters.

Here are some photoes to tickle your imagination so that if you are in Piedmont you may want to dedicate one day or half a day to this marvellous part of the region.

You can reach the river Po from Fontanetto Po, on the way to Vercelli. At the beginning of the walk that takes you along one of the banks of the river there is a map to show you where you are and what you can expect to see.

Not far from the end of the road where you can park your car, there is an old water mill with a picnic area where you can find some tables and benches if you want to stop for some refreshments before or at the end of your walk.

Lines of trees are growing along this stretch of the river and you can walk for miles along this sheltered lanes, listening to nature's sounds and the gurgle of the water of the river nearby.

You finally reach the river bank, although here it is not particularly suitable for bathing as the banks are quite steep and covered with wild vegetation.

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