Wednesday 7 April 2010

Saturday 27th of March Villa Mimma had the pleasure of hosting the writer Angelo Petrosino for a meeting organised by the village library for the children of the primary schools of Treville and the area.

The writer, who lived for many years abroad, first in Paris and then in Cornwall, has engaged the children immediately thanks to his nice and joyful nature, trying to make them understand how useful it is to pay attention to all that surrounds us.

Answering the many questions that the young audience asked him, in particular about how to become a writer, he explained how he listens to the silence and watches with careful eyes the little things of everyday life . You don't need wizards, witches, super-heroes to give life to his books because there you can only find true and lively characters who may be are a little bit noughty!

The adventures of Valentina, the main character of 70 + books that he wrote, are the cleardemonstration of the success that his stories meet amongst children of all around Italy.
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