Thursday 18 June 2009

Villa Mimma helps the Cabrini Children's Society

On Sunday 31st of May 2009 the Cabrini Children's Society held a fund raising event at Worth Abbey (UK). In the wonderful landscape surrounding the church, more than 400 people gathered for a meal and entertainment aimed at celebrating the success of the past 25 years of working with children and families in need.

Villa Mimma's owners, Paola and Alberto, are very fond of the work of the Cabrini Children's Society. In fact they have been able to appreciate the Society's work personally over the past 7 years. Paola and Alberto have therefore supported the event by donating a week of free accommodation in the apartment "Le Alpi" at Villa Mimma, as the prize of an auction that was histed during the celebrations. This raised £500 for the Society and the winner of the draw is Lulu Martin-Davies, Senior Social Worker at the Pureley agency of the Cabrini Children's Society.

It has been a pleasure to be able to help fund raising for the Cabrini Children's Society and we wish Lulu and her family a wonderful stay at Villa Mimma.

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